Cosxwain Training Class

Dues: Complimentary for current members.  Held periodically as interest arises.  Non-members and interested members, please contact GCRA about taking this class.

Our goal is to hold a basic training class for members of GCRA at least once annually.

The purpose of this class is to teach the necessary information a person must know if he or she is coxing out of our boathouse.  The plan is to spend approximately 30-45 minutes on land going over safety rules, equipment descriptions, and commands.  We will then take a shell (preferably an 8+) out onto the river and rotate people through the coxswain seat, going over the basics needed for safe navigation on the Scioto.  Please bring normal rowing clothes because when you are not coxing, you will be needed to row.

Additionally, GCRA hopes to provide through this class, the basics of coxing so that more GCRA members will feel comfortable in the coxswain's seat.  The more people we have who are able to cox a boat safely, the fewer issues the club will have with trying to get sweep boats out on a regular basis.

Upcoming Coxswain Classes

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