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Tuesday, April 18, 2017 4:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
Calendar Reminders:
  • Monday, April 17 and (alt date) Wednesday, April 19 from 7-8pm is the second session of the Launch Driver Training for a hands-on look at prepping and starting the launches.  Please RSVP via Team Snap. 
  • Thursday, April 20 at 7pm - Member Meeting at boathouse.  Topics will include coached program details, regatta planning, and how you can get involved this year.
  • Saturday, April 22 at 8am - First Coached Program practice of 2017!!

How Can I Get On the Water??

Trying to figure out how and when to row this season?  Here are some options to consider:
  • If you are not using Team Snap, email Sarah.  This is the primary way we will communicate about practices, group rowing opportunities, and other events like volunteer work sessions.
  • Registration is now open for LTR Session I (sculling) which will begin with an orientation on June 3.  If you have already paid for a full-year membership but you're a one-trick pony and need to learn how to scull or sweep, you can take a LTR Session for a reduced fee of $100.  Contact LTR Director Terry Filicko or one of the officers if you have questions.
  • Registration is now open for the 2017 Coached Program - Session I.  Practices will begin this Saturday, April 22 at 8am and go through August 7.  We offer 5 coached practices per week with two coaches attending Monday and Wednesday evenings.  Cost is $200 (compare to $175 last year for 4 practices per week with one coach each).  Practices will be posted via Team Snap.  For more information and to register, go here.  Coaching schedule is as follows:
    • Monday evenings with Greg and Liz - 615pm arrival for 630pm launch
    • Wednesday evenings with Greg/Liz - 615pm arrival
    • Thursday mornings with Julio - 515am arrival for 530am launch
    • Thursday evenings with Liz - 615pm arrival
    • Saturday mornings with Greg - 8am arrival for 815am launch
  • Private Coaching for a fee is available with Julio.  Cost is $60 per lesson to be paid to GCRA via Paypal (GCRA splits this fee $50 to Julio/$10 to GCRA).  This fee covers coaching in 1xs, 2xs, and 4x/4+.  Cost is $80 per session for an 8+.  Contact Julio here to schedule your lesson.
  • Still getting your water-legs back?  Feeling a bit unsteady in small boats?  Consider using one of the club stable-hull Wintechs used by our PARP program.  See below for more details.
  • For summer planning:
    • Small Boats Safety class will be offered in May when the water is warmer.
    • All-American Sculling Camp will be back in early June for a 3-day morning or afternoon intensive sculling camp.

Practice Captains Still Needed
Volunteers Needed:  We still need a Practice Captain for Wednesday evening practices and Saturdaymorning practices.  Practice Captains will monitor Team Snap and coordinate line-ups for one practice per week.  Training will be provided.  Coaches and rowers will appreciate you immensely.  Email Sarah if you can help!

Use of PARP Stable-hull 1xs and 2xs:

When not in use by our Para-Adaptive Rowing Program (PARP) athletes, the club's stable hull design Wintech singles and doubles are available to all our rowers.  These boats might be suitable when just getting back on the water or supplementing your sculling training.  

There are four shells available. Two 1x's and Two 2xs:  One 1x and one 2x sit below the 8s on rolling dollies. One 1x and one 2x are stored on the racks in front of the private blade rack.  

The PARP shells are like a regular rowing shell so they are ready to get you on the water without modification.  The metal posts on the oarlock are attachments for affixing pontoons. You can use pontoons to add more stability and for even more safety (pontoons are stored on the rolling rack inside the GCRA storage cage). Or you can use without pontoons.  Be mindful of the metal posts when docking. (if you are using the pontoons, you need to reach out and remove the pontoons before you can dock). 

Use extra caution when removing and returning these boats to their floor space.  And, remember, they are heavier than most of our other small boats so be prepared when lifting. These shells are not equipped with shoes. You will find a setup similar to the erg.

The PARP shells are rigged for our adaptive athletes. You will see a green label on the rigger that states the span (distance between the oarlocks) for which the shell is rigged. Most of the span is at 160(cm) which will allow you to use your oars or a regular club set. If the green label shows a significant shorter span please use the PARP oars which have been set appropriately (located at the far left of the club sculling blade rack);

The two PARP shells that are stored in front of the private blade rack require the use of genies. If you have never used the genies please find someone who can demonstrate.  Please use the buddy system for the genies and to carry these heavier boats to/from the water.

REMEMBER:  These boats are exclusively for PARP use during their practice times -- Monday and Thursday evenings, 4:30-6:30pm (or as published and/or reserved).  

**If you would like to volunteer with PARP, please contact Helmut at**

Equipment Update:

Currently on the "Do Not Row" list:  Bianca 2x (due to skeg damage from log) and the Wintech 4 1x (due to unknown source of water entry in hull).

High water in spring results in more debris present in the river.  Use extra caution when bowing our sculling shells. 

As always, please be patientdeliberate, and gentle with our equipment.  It helps us row.  Any issues should be reported to

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