Rowing On Griggs

Permitted Rowing Times on Griggs

Rowing is permitted at the Griggs Reservoir in two distinct seasons, as set by the City of Columbus:

October 1st  - April 30th

  • Rowing is permitted at all times on all days of the week.  
  • Any shell or launch on the water before sunrise or after sunset must have lights as specified below.
May 1st - September 30th

  • No rowing is permitted after sunset
  • Rowing is permitted from sunrise through sunset on all weekdays except holidays
  • Rowing on weekends and holidays is permitted from sunrise until 10am
  • Rowing is permitted one hour before sunrise on all days provided the shell has lights as specified below

Lighting Requirements

  • A red port and green starboard light on the bow of the boat
  • A white light visible from at least 500 feet on the stern of the boat
Sunrise/Sunset Calendar

This link provides sunrise/sunset data in a daily format.
Griggs Reservoir Water Temperature

This link provides the past 7 days of water temperatures for Griggs Reservoir.
Traffic Pattern

For safety reasons, a very specific traffic pattern was established on Griggs.  Note, rowers must stay within 100 feet of the shoreline.  The river may be crossed only at three points:  north of Fishinger Bridge, at the Wall, and south of the Hayden Run Bridge.

Distances and Waypoints on Griggs Reservoir

Here are the distances between the various landmarks on Griggs.  All measurements were taken proceeding north from GCRA's previous dock (by the dam), 50 feet off shore with a GPS receiver accurate within 5 meters or about 15 feet.

The Scioto River

Griggs Reservoir is part of the Scioto River. The name Scioto is derived from the Wyandot (Wendat) word for “deer.” The Scioto River also historically played an important role as part of the Underground Railroad as a route for enslaved peoples seeking freedom in the North.

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