Learn to Row (LTR)

Big Picture:

Rowing is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors! This sport also builds teamwork and is a great way to meet new people.  Under the supervision of experienced coaches and coxswains, you will receive a complete introduction to the sport with focus on proper technique, boat-handling, and safety. No prior rowing experience is necessary; however, the ability to get up and down into a squatting position and fit in a narrow rowing shell is helpful.  Classes are 105 minutes long and meet twice weekly for four weeks (morning and evening classes available).  

In LTR I, you will learn to sweep (row with a single oar). In LTR II, you will learn to scull (row with two oars). Participants must complete LTR I in order to proceed to LTR II. After completing both LTR I and II, participants are welcome (& encouraged!) to join GCRA as a member. Various opportunities and programs are available within the club to help you continue to build your skills and meet your rowing goals.

The Details:

GCRA requires that Learn to Row participants be 18 years or older and pass a swimming and physical test to ensure the proper safe environment during the sessions. Class sizes are limited.

GCRA is dedicated to maintaining a safe rowing environment.  Therefore, those who are interested in joining LTR must first pass the US Rowing recommended swim test.  This test will take place at Aquatic Adventures in Hilliard at 5/18 and 6/1 at 2 pm and will include a 100 m swim, treading water for 15 minutes, and putting on a life vest while in the water.  If you pass the swim test, you will also be required to demonstrate that you can complete the following physical tasks during an orientation session at the boathouse:

  • Leg squat
  • Lift & hold 25 pounds over your head

If you are unable to complete these tests, GCRA will issue a full refund.  Please note – this is the only case in which a refund will be issued.  

2019 Schedule and Fees:
  • LTR I: $275
  • LTR II: $275
  • LTR I or II for current club members:  $100.  Current Membership status will be confirmed by club officers. 

These fees are inclusive of all motorized launch fuel and safety equipment, coach and coxswain fees, swim test fees, insurance, and rowing equipment.  You will still be responsible for personal clothing and comfort items (i.e. water bottle, hat, sunscreen, etc).

2019 Orientation:

There will be a mandatory LTR Orientation session where you'll hear about what you can expect from LTR & GCRA, meet your coaches, learn about the club, boathouse, rowing equipment, the basics about rowing, and take the swim test (swim 100 m without stopping, tread water for 15 minutes, and put a life jacket on while treading water).  Please bring appropriate swimming attire and a towel. 

Please note the orientation sessions will be held in Saturday, May 17th, 2 - 4 pm and Saturday, June 1st, 2 - 4 pm.  NOTE: You will only need to attend ONE orientation session.  

Registration Instructions

LTR II (Scull) - Morning Session (M/W) - July 8 - July 31

LTR II (Scull) - Evening Session (T/Th) - July 9 - Aug 1

Questions? Please contact LTR Director: gcralearntorow@gmail.com

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